EU-ToxRisk - Kick-off meeting 13-15 January 2016
EU-ToxRisk - Kick-off meeting 13-15 January 2016



We are pleased to welcome you to the website for the EU-ToxRisk Kick-off meeting taking place on 13-15 January 2016 in Egmond aan Zee, marking the launch of this €30 Million H2020-supported collaborative project bringing together academia, SMEs, large industry, CROs and regulatory bodies. All participants involved in the EU-ToxRisk consortium as well as the members of the project's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) are invited to kick-off proceedings and to set the scene for the project's successful implementation. The Hotel Zuiderduin, situated in the Dutch seaside resort of Egmond aan Zee, will host the event.

Egmond aan Zee. Source: Wikimedia

The focus of the Kick-off meeting is to get the project up and running and to actively integrate the partners. The Kick-off meeting will also involve a strong interactive component, with time allocated to allow each participant to fully introduce themselves, their organisations and their contribution to the project, particularly in the shape of the poster presentations.

Do not miss the deadlines!

  • Deadline for submitting posters: 18 December 2015
  • Deadline for registering to the event: 18 December 2015
  • Deadline for booking accommodation: 31 December 2015


  • Day 1:
  • - A comprehensive introduction to the project held in the morning;
    - A keynote speech after lunch;
    - Parallel sessions for the Working Groups in the afternoon followed by a Poster session in the evening;
    - An evening meal out at the 'Heeren van Sonoy' restaurant in Alkmaar.
  • Day 2:
  • - An introduction to the project's building blocks (AOP, toxicokinetics, etc.) in the morning;
    - A Poster session during the lunchbreak;
    - Break-out sessions in the afternoon (Risk Assessment, test system evaluation, etc.);
    - A keynote speech in the evening followed by a teambuilding exercise.
  • Day 3:
  • - Feedback and take-home messages delivered in the morning session;
    - The ST-SAB meeting and parallel WP sessions held in the afternoon.


All participants are encouraged to register to the event by filling in the online form.


Located in the city of Egmond aan Zee, the Hotel Zuiderduin will host the event. You can make your reservation by following the instructions on this form.
Shuttle buses will be organised by the Project Office from the Schiphol airport to the hotel.
Visit this link for more details.

Print the meeting logistic pack and bring it along!

Download the programme here